Christopher “Dudus” Coke Caught…

Yowlink understands that early [this] evening, June 22, 2010, fugitive Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke has been caught and is is now in police custody in Jamaica.  Reports are that he was held in a routine traffic stop on the Mandela Highway in St. Catherine.

On the run since May 18, when Prime Minister Bruce Golding signed the extradition request from the US, Coke was with a Reverend Al Miller who claimed he was transporting Coke to the US Embassy in Kingston.  Coke is wanted by the US government on drug and gun trafficking charges.

Reports are that people have started to gather near the police station where he is held.  However, the station is heavily guarded by police and soldiers.

We imagine there will not be any takers on the US $20,000 reward now.

In a recent Yowlink poll, we asked “Where is Dudus?”    The results were:

  • moving around Kingston (50%)
  • Bruce Golding’s house (17%)
  • South America (17%)
  • taken out in a coffin – alive & well (8%)
  • killed and taken out in coffin (4%)
  • US custody (4%,)

Interestingly you guys got it right.  He was actually on Mandela Highway at the border of St. Catherine and St. Andrew.

Talk to us nuh.  What next in this saga?







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