Coming in From the Cold Riddim gathers steam

Well, for the past few months I heard a few songs from the Coming In From The Cold Riddim.  Man, I was very impressed, needless to say.

Tarrus Riley’s Love’s Contagious delivers as expected from the “She’s Royal” singer.  But, Buju takes the baton and, like Usain Bolt, finished in style with Time and Place (Caged-bird sing).  One word.  Amazing!!!

Of course I cannot forget the late legend Bob Marley (who allowed these youngsters to come in from the cold ) with the titled song.  Now I know that his song may not be on the actual “Riddim CD” if there’s such a thing but he had the original Riddim.

Now back to the relays.  Well, since this relay was being run by multiple players, I must mention some of the others I heard:

Sanchez [T.] (I steal the use of “T” from one of those soundmen, perhaps from Stone Love) came in with a gospel-sounding That Place (Heaven).  Now how can you not win with a sound and a song and lyrics like that.  Anthony Cruz added another one that has that gospel-like tone, called Only the Father.   I do enjoy quality gospel songs.

Angel Doolas made me cringe when I think of one or two girls I have dated who may have been like Tricksters.  Well done Mr. Doolas.  Forgive me, but I didn’t realize you were singing for quite a few years.  I thought you were new.  And Gyptian came in with Life Hard.   Don’t you love they way he took the “E” off  Egyptian to give himself a cool-sounding name?  It kind’a reminds me of something you heard older people say in the country.

To all those riding the Riddim who I didn’t mention, nuff respect.   I may not have heard all of them.   If anyone has heard any of the others (typically they will have 12-20 to fill a CD), just respond to this post.  Keep it clean! 

However, I always support positive lyrics that neither supports/promotes violence nor disrespect women, children and the elderly. 

Keep good songs like these coming, Yawdies.  Big ups!!






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