Do not be a YouTwitFace, Yawdie…

YOW to my bredren and sistren from all over the world…

This wicked new site might give you the sense that this is just another YouTube + Twitter + Facebook “social” networking site.   It may give you the impression that we are trying to compete with such.  But YOWLink is not worried.  You know why?  This place is way better and will get better monthly.   Also, it’s intended for a smaller audience… Yawdies (people with ties to Jamaica, the English-speaking Caribbean, and Haiti), whether born “a Yawd” or “abroad”. 

Ironically, the principals from main sponsors ( and typically discourage immersing yourselves in those “social” networking sites.  However, when this idea was pitched, they immediately bought in.

Go ahead, YOW me.  I might just respond with a YOW.

Best of all, Yawdie Online World Link (YOWLink) comes with a built-in blocker that prevents waste of time from nonsense.

YOW!  You’re welcome.






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