Enough is Enough

Let’s take back our countries, Yawdies.

This is a plea for us to take back Jamaica from the gunmen and murderers.  This is a plea for us to take back Trinidad & Tobago from the kidnappers and rapists.   This is a plea to take back Haiti from the drug- and people-smugglers.

Let us take back the Caribbean.  Make these island countries, Guyana, and Suriname, the place everyone wants to go to without fear of safety.

God gives life.  No man has the authority to take it away intentionally.  Likewise, nobody has the authority to force themselves on a woman.  Nobody has the authority to hand guns to youngsters, sell drugs to unwitting school children, kidnap anyone (whether for ransom, sex or any other sick reasons).

Aren’t you fed up with how things have gone?  I know I am.

Please feedback on what we can do to take back our countries, Yawdies.







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