Prayer for my Haitian Bredren & Sistren

Father, in the aftermath of one of the worst earthquakes to hit the Caribbean in centuries that has greatly affected Port au Prince and surrounding areas of the poverty-stricken Haiti (Ayiti), I’m asking you to remember all those who have survived, even those who are still trapped.

I’m asking you to comfort those who have lost friends, family, and relatives among the ones who have already died.  As I write, I anticipate calling a couple of my Haitian bredren to find out if their friends and relatives are OK.  Father you know them, and I ask that you remember them especially.

Father, many of my Haitian brothers and sisters already live in such hopelessness in a land classified by it’s poverty, corruption, illnesses, and fall from grace. ..  A land very forgotten by the international community… A land where young children have to take care of their younger siblings because the parents are deceased, a land where some parents give children mud pies in order for them to survive, a land where some people have forgotten you and resorted to forces of darkness.

But, while there is life there is hope.  I ask that you bless that land, and restore your people of Haiti.  Allow an outpouring from within the country and neighboring Dominican Republic and the international community like Haitians have never seen.  Allow many to marvel at the growth that we see among Haitians after this devastating earthquake.  We know that help is already on the way in the form of the Red Cross and a few others, but we cry with our brothers and sisters and expect major help from more countries, organizations, and individuals.

Help that as this unfolds over the next couple weeks that the survivors will live, and not just live, but LIVE, testify of your goodness, and be true wisnesses of how you save your people from natural and unnatural disasters.

Father, I ask this in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) name, amen. 

If  anyone would like to add anything that I’ve left off, please link back.  Yow.





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