Big Ups to the 2010 Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints

I did not pick them but the New Orleans Saints is officially SuperBowl Champs 2010.   They pulled off what few expected them to do (and I am not sure why we didn’t since they have been a very good team all year).

For many of us, it was all about “Peyton’s Place… er… Quarterback Peyton Manning”.  We didn’t think he could lose this one.  We didn’t think he would throw the interception that did the Indianapolis Colts in.

Many of my bredren/sistren and relatives left in a sour mood as a “sure thing” became a “sour thing”.  Such is life.

Hey, neither of them is my team.  My team is the Miami Dolphins who didn’t even make the playoffs much less the Superbowl.

In totally unrelated news (and because I’m too lazy to create a new post), the West Indies were destroyed by the Australians on Sunday (US time) in the first of 5 one-day international cricket matches down under.  WIndies Captain Chris Gayle who predicted a 4-1 series scored 7 runs.  Well, every now and again this is OK but not after predicting a 4-1… hopefully predicting the 4 for the WIndies not the Aussies.  However, that means the WIndies would need to win all the remaining games…  Wheh!!!  No pressure.

I know.  That has nothing to do with the Superbowl or the New Orleans Saints.  I was just a bit lazy to create a half-paragraph post about the West Indies Cricket team collapsing to some good Aussie bowling.   Anyway, big ups to New Orleans.  You had a well-deserved win.






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