Funniest Comedian in the world has joined

The funniest comedian in the entire world has joined the Yowlink network….  I give you one guess. Do you give up?

It’s Mr. OLIVER SAMUELS, aka “Olivius Adams“, etc..

Visit Mr. Samuel’s Yowlink home page and welcome him to by posting something on to his wire.  I know many of us love Oliver and watch his plays / shows / comedies over the years and would love to see more of him in our parts of the world, whether South Florida, Atlanta, New York, Toronto, London, Jamaica… wherever.

We are trying to link up with Mr. Usain Bolt as well to bring him to our new but growing community.

When you have celebrities as big as these, we have to make them feel welcome and appreciate them.

Thanks to Peta-Gaye and C.Sharpe for inviting Mr. Samuels to






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