One Caribbean? Not quite yet. Can Yowlink help?

Famed calypsonian Winston “Gypsy” Peters did a song some time back called “One Caribbean” in which he beseeches, “We have heard unity is strength… we must unite if we have to survive… what need is one, one, one Caribbean…. We’ve got too many borders, too many flags, too many passports, too much immigration… All we need is one Caribbean…

Enter Yowlink, the first attempt to unite the peoples of different Caribbean nations via [virtual] social networking. So far, the results have been OK, but we still need to see some of the smaller islands and Haiti to step up to the plate. Below is a little breakdown percentage-wise.

Country (live in or represent) Percentage
Jamaica 57.25%
United States (USA) 20.29%
Trinidad & Tobago 15.22%
Barbados 1.45%
Guyana 1.45%
United Kingdom (UK) 1.45%
Canada 0.72%
Cayman Islands 0.72%
Haiti 0.72%
Other – Australia 0.72%

Well, there you have it.  From time-to-time, we’ll provide the stats here.   Expect to see some of the smaller islands pop in here.  It’s Jamaica, and T&T really representing so far.

Thanks to all who have registered thus far.  Tell a friend or two about the new FREE networking site for people living anywhere with ties to the English-speaking Caribbean and Haiti…  Yowlink!  Ask them to join.






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