Yowlink mentioned in Wikipedia

Your favorite site, Yowlink.com, has a small mention in the encyclopedia’s definition of the term “yardie” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yardie).  Perhaps coming from our f-a-q page, they mention the expanded definition of the term Yawdie (yardie) and provide a link to our site at the bottom.  Big ups to Wikipedia and the authors of the article for the mention for us, not even 2 months old yet.  The past few years, my respect for Wikipedia’s reliability and growth has grown.  Now, with our little mention, I have to say “Nuff respect Wikipedia“.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our registered Yawdies (Yardies?) and visitors, especially those who have participated in adding content to the site.  We add the tools, you use the tools to add great content. Special thanks go out to couple of blog writers (The Major and Fred Beersingh) who are very active, the group creators (Keisha Baker and Fred Yow), and the poll takers.  Thank you for making this site a success thus far.  You ain’t seen anything yet.  We continue to improve weekly.  In fact, we are waiting on a rewrite of the Facebook Connect API to make some other improvements of our own.

This month is about to end and we would like to end “with a bang”, by making the Yowlink name a household name.  How can you do this?  We encourage all non-registered visitors to create an account or sign in using their Facebook account.  All members can speak to their friends and/or relatives about Yowlink and encourage 5 of them to join the community by March 1, 2010.    There are a few registered members who have brought a lot of their friends on to the Yowlink network.  Kudos to them (Ozzie Wiss, Dwaine Shaw, Stephanie Simpson).  Of course the site administrators have done quite well themselves.

Those not mentioned by name, I wish to thank you as well.  In fact, thanks to all visitors and members.






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