Login to Yowlink with Twitter account in the works.

By default, we allow you to create a regular Yowlink account by registering (“sign up”). After a few weeks of fielding complaints from some Yawdies who already have Facebook accounts [but didn’t want to create another social networking account], we worked on the Facebook Login (“F Connect”). As Yowlink.com is a registered Facebook application, we made use of the facebook application programming interface (API) and, viola, Facebook Connect was added about 1 month ago.

The good news is that we are working on integrating the Twitter authentication as well, as we are well aware that thousands of Yawdies (West Indians & Haitians) have twitter accounts. Yowlink.com is also a registered Twitter application, so we are allowed to authenticate with Twitter and bring down your Twitter name and image hopefully.

We are in the early stages and hope to have this integrated and tested by March 14, 2010, barring no unforeseen issue. One thing we want to make sure is that the Facebook login & Twitter login play nice on Yowlink. We will not put the Twitter login feature on the site if we find issues.

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