Caribbean Celebrities on Yowlink

Maxine Tulloch

Ms. Maxine Tulloch of The Maxine Tulloch Show has recently joined other Caribbean celebrities like Mr. Oliver Samuels and “Television Musician” on Yowlink, the FREE “One Caribbean” network.

The Maxine Tulloch Show is a half-hour TV talk program, airing on Comcast Cable Channel 578 and Flow 100 in Jamaica. The show sheds the spotlight on South Florida’s business owners and professionals in a specialized forum revealing the hottest political pieces and personalities. It delves deep into the business and professional communities, the people, places and events in South Florida and the Caribbean.

A group ( The Maxine Tulloch Show [Group] ) dedicated to the show has been created on Yowlink. You may join the group (and others) after logging on to Yowlink.

Please join Ms. Tulloch, Mr. Samuels, and all the Yowlink Yawdies on Yowlink today. Give extend to them a big, warm Yowlink Yow.

Registered Yawdies

You can click their link at anytime, write something to their wall, send them private messages, join the group, etc. Please don’t spam them… That is, don’t bombard them with messages, whether you think it’s important or not.
Send A message OR write A message to each of their wall.  Understand that they get many such messages from different people on Yowlink and other networks.

Soon-to-be-Registered Yawdies

For those of you who have a facebook account, you can click the blue [f connect] button at the top right of the home page to log in.

Those who do not have a facebook account can take 30 seconds to register / sign-up.

We are working on adding the ability to log in to Yowlink using your Twitter account, but that has hit a little snag.  Anyway look out for that in upcoming weeks…


On behalf on the entire “One Caribbean” Yowlink network, I wish to extend a hearty welcome to Yowlink to you, Ms. Tulloch. Also, all those joining because of Ms. Tulloch or any others, I wish to extend the same hearty welcome to you.






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