Wrestling with Tiger

Anyone who have watched “professional wrestling” entertainment in the eighties and nineties might remember “Nature Boy” Rick Flair.  Flashy character… er… individual.  His favorite saying was “Whether you like it… or you don’t… learn to love it… because it’s the best thing going today.  Wooooo!!!” He was entertaining for real.

Well, Tiger is out of the woods and back into the public eye.  He did a true press conference where he was “holding back the tears” and at times where he cried.  Then his main supporter, Nike, created a very clever, but some call creepy, black-and-white ad with a solemn Tiger staring at the camera and the voice of his father in the background almost asking him “what were you thinking”.  These concide nicely with the start of Tiger’s attempt to tame the Augusta greens at this year’s Masters.  This is Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, the tale of two persons.  There’s Tiger the greatest golfer today and, arguably, best of all times.  Then there is Tiger, the lying cheater (supposed to sound like lion, cheetah).   But, to paraphrase Rick Flair, whether you like him or you don’t, Tiger is the best thing going for golf today.
Enough of the creepy cliches and bad puns now that I’ve gotten your attention.  Today is Saturday April 10th and about 1 hour from the start of the 3rd round with Tiger tied for 3rd place with cats like Phil Mickelson at 6 under par (-6).  The leaders are Englishmen Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood at 8 under par (-8).

So, seemingly not to miss a beat, not only did he make the cut but this cat could actually WIN this thing!!!   What kind of blood pumps through this guy’s veins?  Man, at 2 strokes back, many are expecting him to pull it out.  I don’t know.  A top 10 finish would be amazing, all things considered.  He’s on his way to that barring someone bringing in a mistress, positioned one at each hole on day 3 or day 4 to heckle him.  Did he, allegedly have 18 mistresses or was it 16.  I lost count.  But can you imagine!   The planes flying overhead with the crazy “anti-Tiger” signs doesn’t bother this cat.  This cat is immersed into the game that made him popular, the game he made more popular, the game that allowed him to get into this mess, and the game that can get many to forget about his mess.  Golf!

All I can say is, wow!

What do you guys think?


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