World Cup Round of 16 – US goes down to Ghana, Uruguay Wins

First two matches are in the books and the scores were:

  • Uruguay 2 – South Korea 1
  • Ghana 2 – USA 1  (match went into extra time after locked at 1-1 after regulation)

For game 3 in the group stage, I expected both US and Ghana to top their groups so they wouldn’t face each other but, alas, Ghana didn’t hold up their end of the bargain and my two favorite teams had to face off in the round of 16.  Bitter-sweet moment.

Originally expecting Ghana, Ivory Coast, and possibly any of [hosts] South Africa, Nigeria, or Camaroon to qualify from Africa, it was really disappointing that only Ghana did.  I thought Ivory Coast would’ve earned a draw against Brazil and forced Brazil’s hand against Portugal who trounced North Korea 7-0 after leading 1-0 at half-time.  That, of course, didn’t happen and Ivory Coast was eliminated… becoming one of the best eliminated teams.

So with only one African team moving on beyond the group stage, they became a favorite of mine, along the USA in this years tournament.

It was nostalgic, but such is life.Uruguay celebrates - Uruguay defeats S.Korea 2-1 to advance to quarters

Who next to move on to the quarters?  Brazil? England?  Germany? Argentina?  Spain?

The Round of 16

Completed matches:
USA 1 : 2 Ghana    – Ghana wins
Uruguay 2 : 1 S.Korea    – Uruguay wins
Upcoming matches:
Germany vs. England   27 Jun 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Argentina vs. Mexico   27 Jun 2:30pm (ET) on ABC
Netherlands vs. Slovakia   28 Jun 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Brazil vs. Chile   28 Jun 2:30pm (ET) on ESPN
Paraguay vs. Japan   29 Jun 10:00am (ET) on ESPN
Spain vs. Portugal   29 Jun 2:30pm (ET) on ESPN

My Picks

Team1   Team2  Wish Realistic
Uruguay vs. S. Korea SKor Uru
USA vs. Ghana none Gha
Germany vs. England Eng Eng
Argentina vs. Mexico Mex  Arg
Netherlands vs. Slovakia Hol  Hol
Brazil vs. Chile Bra Bra
Paraguay vs. Japan Jap  Par
Spain vs. Portugal  Esp Esp


Biggest/Most Anticipated Matches of the Round of 16

Before the Round of 16 began, these were the most antipated matches of the round of 16, ranked from 5th to 1st.  I didn’t rank #6 through #8.

#5Brazil vs Chile —  big-time South American matchup.  Chile is not scared of Brazil.  They know each other.

#4… Argentina vs Mexico — Argentina won world cup in Mexico’s Mexico City in 1986

#3USA vs Ghana — Ghana elimnated the USA in 2006 world cup during group stage

#2Spain vs Portugal — the European neighbors who can almost taste it… almost doesn’t count.

and the #1… England vs Germany — heard a World War 2 joke about the US, France, Germany & England

What’s your 5?  Take the poll to the right.  It expires when the last Round of 16 game has been played on Tuesday June 29, 2010.







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