The Superfriends W.B.J. on the Super Heat!

All right Miami!!!  It is official.  The final piece of the puzzle, the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae has been made.  Your basketball team is officially the Super HEAT of South Beach, Miami… at least on paper.  That is because the 3 top picks of the 1993 draft will sign with the Miami Heat. 

Lebron James made it official at about 9:25 PM on Thursday July 8, after Bosh and Wade had committed a day earlier.

W: Dwyane Wade

Wade, nicknamed Flash or otherwise known as D-Wade, agreed to re-sign with the Heat… terms estimated at 6 years $125 million US dollars.  The 28 year old Wade was the #5 pick of the 1993 draft and has carried the Heat to a championship in 2006, when he was 24 years old.

B: Chris Bosh

Bosh, nicknamed CB4, agreed he cannot win a championship by himself and agreed to come to Miami, estimated at 5 years $96 million.  The #4 pick of the 2003 draft, Bosh ended up in Toronto with the Raptors and didn’t taste as much success as his other two brethren but decided to roll with his boys into South Beach to enjoy the wild ride.

J: Lebron James

And now, a few minutes ago, Lebron James has agreed to come to “South Beach and join Bosh and Wade.”

Everyone knows King James or LBJ.  He was the #1 pick of the 2003 draft straight out of high school.  The man was more matured than the typical 18 year old.  Over the years, he’s had lots of individual success and accolades but fewer team successes than he would like… like an NBA championship or 2 or … 6, for example.  Only time will tell if his last-minute 1-hour announcment (obviously orchestrated by ESPN) on Thursday will manifest itself into the type of success he is looking for.  As the 25 year old James said, “I just want to win.” 


This is the making of a 3-man super team, just better than the Celtics when they signed Garnett, Pierce, and Allen together.

So, after this, thr Heat should have 4 men under contract (the fourth being Chalmers) because Beasley is probably included in a trade to Toronto for Bosh.  They still have to sign their 3 draft picks bringing it up to 7 players.  So they will still need at least another 5 players for minimum to just above-minimum contracts. Anyone of you Yawdies with any game who are willing to go to Heat camp and play for a small $250K or so?

Let’s see how this plays out and if it translates into sold-out arena, playoffs, and championships in Miami.

Will this combo work?







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