And the 2010 World Cup goes to… España (Spain)

With last Cup winner, Italy, not in contention and powerhouses France bowing out in embarassing fashion, the 2010 World Cup, the nominees were:

  1. Argentina
  2. Brasil (Brazil)
  3. Deutchland (Germany)
  4. Ghana
  5. España (Spain)
  6. Paraguay
  7. The Netherlands (Holland)
  8. Uruguay

Spain vs Netherlands

But, in the end it came down to Spain and The Netherlands.  Except for the polls on Yowlink, everyone had Spain as huge favorites to take the Cup once Germany and Brazil were eliminated.

… And the 2010 FIFA World Cup goes to… (drum rolls please)…

Spain !!!!

Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 on a well-placed [AndrésIniesta goal with 4 minutes to go in the final 15 minutes of overtime.  The new champions deserve the glory.  Congrats to you Spain and the Spanish (Spaniard) supporters.

The game was not as exciting as Saturday’s 3rd-place match between Germany and Uruguay, but the finals was eventful.   There were many yellow cards (both teams) and one Red card (Netherlands) with under 10 minutes left in the second overtime 15-minute period.

Playing with 10 men, it was very apparent that the Netherlands were hoping to hold off and take their chances in a penalty-kick showdown.  However, with 5 minutes to go, Netherlands had a shot opportunity from a free kick bounce out clearly off the Spanish defender and seemingly off the Spanish keeper’s fingers… but, surprisingly, Spain was given a goal kick.

On the ensuing kick, Spain took control and Iniesta made no mistake after collecting the pass in good position and cracking a great semi-volley past the Netherlands keeper.

It was nothing but hands-on-the-head moments in this game, particularly after quite a few great chances by both teams came up empty.  But the Spaniards who controlled ( or should I say dominated) the midfield prevailed in the end.

Congratulations Spain.

Brasil 2014

Brasil 2014 is the venue for the next World Cup and no doubt the home side will be favorites.  Spain will not be as European sides have never won the world Cup in the Americas. 

Will our Caribbean sides like Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Haiti be there?  It’s time for a shakeup in Caribbean soccer.  They need to step up their game.







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