Jamaicans and Trinbagonians represent on Yowlink!

Welcome to Yowlink, friend.  You visited Yowlink the first time because of one of any number of reasons, not limited to:

  • An invitation from a friend or relative
  • Found on Facebook
  • Found on Google
  • Saw on Wikipedia
  • Not sure.  Kinda stumbled on Yowlink…

But it doesn’t matter how you found us.  We are happy you are here.

We are the One Caribbean Network

Too many countries separate themselves and have their own activities.  Our Caribbean nations should unite online.  Yowlink aims to be the network to facilitate the “One Caribbean” feeling and experience.  Yowlink is mainly dominated by people who represent Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago because they are the two largest English-speaking nations in the Caribbean in terms of population, at approximately 2.8 and 1.3 million respectively.  

Incidentally, Jamaica’s independence is August 6 and Trinidad & Tobago’s is August 31.  Mark them down on your calendars, Yawdies.

Top 7 countries Yawdies on Yowlink live in…

  1.  Jamaica –
  2. United States –
  3. Trinidad & Tobago –
  4. Bahamas –
  5. United Kingdom –
  6. Guyana –
  7. Canada –

This is the country in which the Yawdies reside, which could also be the Caribbean country they represent.

Top 7 countries Yawdies on Yowlink represent

This is not necessarily the country you live in but the country you love to call “home” or “yawd”.

  1. Jamaica –
  2. Trinidad & Tobago –
  3. The Bahamas –
  4. United States –
  5. Haiti –
  6. Grenada –
  7. Barbados –

Keep representing my Caribbean people.  Tell a few friends and relatives to “Join the Link” and start talking, start doing, start making our home countries better… TOGETHER.  One Love.






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