Is this the real reason for the SuperHeat?

We all know that Wade, Bosh, and James have teamed up to form, what  C. Sharpe calls, “The SuperHeat“.  Rumors are that the beautiful actress, Gabrielle Union, is behind the breakup of Wade’s marriage and is his current “main squeeze”.   I don’t have substantiated evidence for either, though she has been seen hanging around him.  I certainly don’t like to see any marriage broken, but it’s very common these days.  Anyway… 

Actress Gabrielle Union

Could this be a reason for those 3 super-stars teaming up in Miami, instead of in Chicago, or Cleveland or New York?  I mean, those Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, and New York players hang out with nice looking girls, don’t they?

Do you think Bosh and James came to Miami because of the possibility Gabrielle could hook them up with friends that look like her or, impossible as it may seem, better?

Would you leave Toronto where you could make a killing if you re-sign or do a sign-and-trade, take less money, to hang out with a guy who hangs out with a girl like Gabrielle?

Would you leave Cleveland where you were king for Miami, if you could hang out with a guy who hangs out with girls like this?

C.Sharpe said, and I agree, “if her inner beauty matches her outer beauty, she might be the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.” I don’t believe she has done any plastic surgery as of yet and that’s a definite plus.

Stimulating, isn’t it….  and I’m referring to the topic, not the girl.   But C. Sharpe also said, “it’s more about friendship and winning for these three and less about the ladies.”   Not sure if I agree 100%, my bredren.







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