Yowlink is a social network, so Socialize Caribbean people!

On behalf of the Yowlink Admins, we would like to encourage you to socialize more on Yowlink.  What does that mean?  There are a few ways in which you can do so.

Socialize by…

  1. Update your profile
  2. Find your friends and send them a private message & request friendship. 
  3. Check periodically for friendship requests and accept those you wish / know.
  4. Join groups or Create your own.
  5. Last but not least, invite your friends and relatives 16 and older to join you on Yowlink.  Tell them it’s easy and FREE to join.

You have helped to make this network good.   However, only you can make this network great!!!

Active Members

I must say special commendations to a few VERY active members (non-Admins), in alphabetic order.

  1. @douglasainsworth – logs in a lot and contributes to some groups
  2. @jamaicanman – check out his group(s) (Blame Bruce, etc.) and link(s), and the associated forum(s)
  3. @keishabaker – check out her group(s) and event(s)
  4. @major – check out his blog (2 the Point) and group(s)
  5. @ozziewiss logs in a lot… has many friends who said they joined because of him.
  6. @tnoon – check out his comments, link(s)

Thank you and I expect to see people a bit more active with more REAL friends and relatives joining daily.






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