Buju Banton verdict expected as early as Monday

Buju Banton

Things do not look good for the popular Jamaican Reggae singer with the husky voice, but Buju maintained his innocence on the stand during his trial.  What will be the outcome?  We will know perhaps as soon as Monday, September 27, 2010.

The main US government case stems from hours of incriminating video and audio they presented with Buju.  Buju’s response was that he was trying to impress the [undercover agent] and doesn’t deal in coke (cocaine).

Set Up?

Despite how it goes, you will have many who will say Buju was set up.  By whom?  These Buju supports will tell you that he was setup by prominent members of the homosexual (“gays” and lesbians) community, who have remained offended by Buju’s early songs (1990s)  to this day.


If somehow the artist is acquitted, many will say he was guilty.   If he is found guilty, the US Government and the homosexuals (“gays” and lesbians) everywhere would rejoice.  They got their man, and he was found guilty.

The Outcome

Only time will tell…  Keep looking.  Buju, if you are innocent, we are pulling for you.  If you are guilty, then…

The Poll says…

Talk to us.  What is your take on this whole thing?  We are reopening the poll from months ago for people to give their opinion before and after the verdict.  Check the poll on the right-hand side.

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