Events and Achievements added. More to come…

Thank you for being a part Yowlink, your free “One Caribbean” network.   As part of your reward, we continue to add functionality and make modifications to improve the general usability and aesthetics of the site.  After all, we are trying to promote more interaction and discussion among our users/members.  So…

So the past month, we have added an Events functionality.  Today we have put back the Achievements functionality but this version is nothing like the old one of 3 months ago.   This one is greatly overhauled and the usability improved.  


It’s exactly what you think it is.  It gives you the ability to schedule your event and invite your friends.  If you are throwing a “bashment”, an appreciation, a dinner, a fund-raiser, or birthday party or anything of that sort, this is the functionality for you.  An event can be public or private.  Private events are not seen by all users.

In addition to these functionality, the Google Maps option works if you enter an address that Google has in it’s database. It is my understanding that some addresses in rural areas of  Caribbean countries are not yet in Google’s database.


The more discussions, groups, REAL friends, forums, etc., that you participate in gives you points.  Points give you ranks.  Some MAJOR ranks are hidden but will be unlocked once you get to that level.  This is a nice incentive for more participation on the part of our Yawdies, our friends with ties to the English-speaking Caribbean and Haiti.

Those of you who had “unlocked” certain of the old achievements, we will attempt to merge them in going forward because a lot has changed.

More to Come

Many companies/organizations/Web sites/advertising promise “more to come” and never give more.  However, for those who have been with us for the past few months, you will notice that we continue to deliver on that promise.  We have added quite a few features not typically found on your regular social network, and believe us when we say, “there is [yet] more to come”.

We need your feedback

We need your feedback on anything on this site.  There’s a contact page or you can send me a private message (PM) using the Yowlink private message functionality.






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