Buju Banton out on bail; Terms strict

Buju Banton

Buju Banton was finally granted the bail his lawyer seeked on his behalf.

Reggae singer and son of the late Bob Marley
Stephen Marley

However, the terms are very strict.  He must post US $300K.  His friend, Stephen Marley (son of the late king of reggae, Bob Marley), put up his home as collateral.  Stephen Marley had testified in the first trial.

Also, the artist needs to hire private security to ensure he doesn’t flee, sign an extradition agreement ensuring his return if he flees, and he must wear a monitoring device.  Wow!

You may recall that the first trial in September, ended in a mistrial.  The US government, instead of freeing the singer, opted to keep him in jail as a flight risk pending a retrial.

The retrial was originally expected in December has been postponed to February 2011.

What do you guys think?

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