Big ups to the Africans and Hispanics on Yowlink

In a follow-up to Peta-Gaye’s “Jamaicans and Trinbagonians (Trinidiadians & Tobagans) represent on Yowlink“, I must say that the past 2 months, we have had quite a few new “Yawdies” coming in from the African continent and Latin America.  Of this, we have noticed a majority from Ghana, many who are supporters of Reggae music and/or Buju Banton.  Some are also just fans of the Caribbean and Caribbean people.

Welcome to Yowlink my friends

Latin American nations
Latin American nations
African nations
African nations

Big ups to all the members and visitors on Yowlink, particularly the ones who make good use of the site.  However, a special big ups to the Ghanans, members from other African nations, and LatinAmerica (Spanish-speaking countries).

We welcome you all.

Four requests we ask

(1)  Please  come back and participate in the community (network) each week.

(2)  Join an existing group or create your own.

(3)  Take the poll on the right-hand side of this (and every) page.

(4)  Invite your friends and relatives, either verbally or upon logging in.  When you go to your profile you will see an option to invite others.

United we are one… Yowlink

Yowlink is community, perpetually free to all visitors and members, including people who are advertising their events, etc.

My people, please remember that Yowlink is always free and a social network.  Upon logging in, remember to click your name to the right to open up the social aspect where you may search for and add friends, join groups, create groups, add events, links, invite friends, network, collaborate, take polls, suggest things to friends, etc.






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