Buju Banton to perform in “Before the Dawn” show

International reggae star, Buju Banton, who is out on bond until his retrial scheduled for February 2011, has been OK’d to perform at the “Before the Dawn” Reggae concert in Miami Florida on January 16. This will be his first performance in about a year.

Buju had to get the court approval to perform and it was granted. This is a third “victory” of sorts for the entertainer. The first was the hung jury instead of a conviction and the second being the bail/bond.

Speaking in a December 2010 radio interview about his upcoming show, Banton said “The concept is to reunite with the fans and thank them personally for the tremendous level of support they have shown to me during these turbulent times. I look forward to touching the stage once more and coming together with the masses in a spirit of togetherness, harmony, unification and solidarity.”

Ironically, Buju has received his 5th Grammy nomination just recently.  He has never won a Grammy award.

Listen to the Banton’s declaration in his song “Innocent”.







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