Make your school or entity #1 on Yowlink

Anyone who represents a school / college / university or other entity (organization, charity, business, etc.), go ahead and type a message here telling us about that entity.  We want to hear.   This is how you “represent” and promote your interests to Caribbean people locally and abroad.

If you are a student 16 or older, you can make your school #1 on Yowlink by logging in, which creates an account, then inviting your schoolmates or former schoolmates to join. You may do this in one of two ways:

  1. verbally
  2. using our simple invite tools / mechanisms
    • one on the right-hand side of every page when logged in
    • the other on your user menu (when you click your name when logged in).

You may be a high school student, trade schools student, or college/university student or Alumnus. Then encourage your friends who log in to do the same.

If you work for a Caribbean company or entity, you may do exactly the same thing. It’s a way to promote your business or entity for FREE.

Yowlink is about making our Caribbean friends #1 in every possible way.

Remember, Yowlink is a FREE network and it’s easy to join.






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