Happy Boxing Day, Yowlink

Yow again!!!  Here’s wishing you all a Happy Boxing Day today.

Once again, what does Boxing Day mean to you?  How did it originate?  There are quite a few theories but we welcome yours.  Who knows, some of you may have the facts.

I don’t know so I won’t be too critical of the replies.   We know that over the years, people give gifts and money to the needy on Boxing Day.   The past century seems to involve more gift-giving on or before Christmas than on Boxing Day, however.  Three theories circulating on Boxing Day’s  origin has to do with:

  1. boxing up the old gift wrapping, etc., for the thrash
  2. boxing gifts to present to the poor
  3. traditional day of boxing match

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it has nothing to do with the word “box” or “boxing”. 😉

Curious what you think and what evidence you have to prove / disprove some ideas.






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