What we need is SOLIDARITY in 2011

I write a lot of sports- and tech-based articles/posts on Yowlink and elsewhere. I decided to write one on Solidarity, something we need in our homes, families, communities, towns, counties, countries, Caribbean, and world.

Solidarity – Mr. Gypsy Peters “One Caribbean”

Mr.  Yowlink Admin (@admin) posted something in February 2010 entitled One Caribbean? Not quite yet. Can Yowlink help? in which he quoted or paraphrased the great Calypsonian Winston “Gypsy” Peters.  You need to check it out.  In any case, here’s Gypsy’s YouTube video.  Listen to the words like you’ve never listened before.

Yowlink INTENDS to help bridge the gap between Caribbean peoples through online collaboration and networking.  It’s a vehicle that will ultimately unite us and help us build a BETTER Caribbean, one that is multitudes better than the current state, one that many of us will be proud of.  Jamaica/Jamaicans can incorporate some of the things that make Trinidad & Tobago / Tribagonians successful and vice-versa.  Guyana and Barbados can do the same.  Bahamas and Antigua can do the same, and so on and so forth.

Solidarity IS NOT…

  • A bredren/sistren or relative constantly bothering you for help and expect you to always be there.
  • A country running to another every time they need help but never offers anything to another which needs help
  • Someone commits a crime or does something immoral and expects his/her bredren/sistren or relative to wholly support them or be in one accord with them, without reprimand, punishment, nor chastisement.
  • Only when I need a favor.
  • Only when you need a favor.
  • Using another to get the “one up” or better of them.
  • Preying on the perceived kind-hearted.

Solidarity IS…

S – Support each other EVEN when they are down;  chastisement or intervention can be a form of support when someone does something wrong or immoral, for instance.

O – One Caribbean under God, Oneness, Organic unity

L – Like-mindedness, Love (yes… love) – “for whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives” Heb 12:6

I – Identity, Inclusiveness, Indivisibility, Integrality

D – Duet, Duumvirate ( 2 equally powerful leaders/ Caribbean entities forming an alliance – Yowlink + you?)

A – Accord[ance], Affinity, Agape, Agreement, Alliance, Amity

R – Rapport, Rapprochement, Reciprocity

I –  Integration, Integrity, Inviolability, Irreducibility

T – Teamwork, Team spirit, Thoroughness, Togetherness, Totality, Trio, Triumvirate (3 forming alliance)

Y – Yawdies/Yardies/Yowlinkers united, You are there for your brother / sister when they need help, but NOT as the “fall person” or the “idiot” or the “used” or the “fool who everyone bothers”.   You would do anything legal and moral to ensure success for your brother or sister.  In fact, you are happy when your brother or sister succeeds.  That’s solidarity.

Don’t be too impressed by the words

Don’t let those words impress you.  Let the meanings impress you.  They all mean solidarity.  I had to look up some of the words because they are not a part of my daily vocabulary…  I am a techie after all.

One Love.  One Caribbean.  Yowlink!

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