Happy 2011 and Happy Anniversary Yowlink!!!

Happy New Year Yowlink and Yowlinkers!

It was also on January 01, 2010 that Yowlink was released to the public, albeit to a select number of friends and relatives who tested it out and invited a few of their friends and relatives to use it.   A few of these friends / relatives provided good feedback about what was missing, not working correctly, or could be tweaked.  We listened.  In addition, the Yowlink administration and support team had some ideas of how to improve, and improve we did.  We added features after features.  We overhauled the site appearance twice during the year.  The latest overhaul seems to get the most approval so we’ll keep this look for a while longer.

Happy Anniversary Yowlink.

Let’s continue the tradition, my friends, of being the “One Caribbean” network for years to come, understanding that the network will always be FREE and easy.  In addition to the English-speaking Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Barbados, Bahamas, etc, we have quite a few members on Yowlink from Ghana, other parts of Africa, and Latin America, .   Of course, Haiti is represented, and countries where Caribbean people emigrate to in droves like the USA, Canada, and UK, are well represented.
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