Buju’s “Before the Dawn” Concert a huge success

Buju Banton and Friends’ “Before the Dawn” concert in Miami, Florida on Sunday 16, 2010 went off with minor technical difficulties but fans who attend have nothing negative or neutral to say.  It was all positive.  The artist, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, was allowed to perform after a petition to the court last year.

The worst thing said about the “Before the Dawn” Concert was by someone who said, “I would rate this show a 9.7 out of 10.  The show was excellent.”   That was the worst thing we heard.

The best thing some people said was that “It was the best show they’ve ever seen, including shows from the late greats Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.”  I mean those are compliments to the Nth degree.  You be the judge.  We are providing clips from YouTube.


All people polled seemed to love the opening collaboration with his friend Stephen Marley.  You may recall that Marley put up his house as collateral for Buju’s bond.  Most loved the collaboration with Marcia Griffiths and the closing one with Gramps Morgan from Morgan’s Heritage.  That closing one was the popular  “Psalm 23” song they both recorded some years ago.

Some fans said the band, particularly, the drummer was excellent.  Some said this what a show should STRIVE to be like.

Those who went to the show or watched it on the Internet, please comment on what you think.  What performances, and what artists did you like?







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