Kingston College – 10 Time SCQ Champions

Kingston College - Schools Challenge Quiz 2011 Champions
KC – TVJ Schools Challenge Quiz 2011 Champs

In TVJ Schools Challenge Quiz (SCQ) 2011,  The matchup was best all-boys school Kingston College vs best co-ed team Titchfield High School. At the end of the first round, the score was 5-6 (because 1 point was removed during the break from Titchfield High) with both teams missing quite a few questions.  It was similar to the KC-JC quarterfinals match-up.

After the 3 1-minute sections of round 2, the score was KC 21 – Titchfield 11, after KC lost 2 points and Titchfield gained 2 during the break .  Titchfield really struggled in this round and didn’t exercise their normal coolness.  Perhaps, a bit of inexperience and pressure showing here.

In the section that KC normally dominates, the third round ( or “buzzer section“), KC once again dominated extending their score.  This was not KC’s finest moment but there was no doubt that after the second section, Titchfield has a HUGE uphill battle.

Final score was 33-11, KC over Titchfield.

Congratulations to Kingston College for becoming the 2011 Schools Challenge Quiz champions and the first school to win 10 times.  Congratulations to Titchfield High for getting to the finals and competing against an experienced Kingston College team.





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