Holmwood Tech 9-peats, Jamaica College snatches title

Holmwood Tech and Jamaica College - ChampionsHolmwood Tech girls are like the old Vere Teams of the 70s and 80s, winning everything. What a group of champions this school produces year after year!

Holmwood went into this 101st Girls Championships with 8 consecutive wins, and Edwin Allen slated for the upset.   What school spirit by Edwin Allen!  This year, they were more confident than ANY other year in recent memory.  However, it was Holmwood that pulled it out in the last event to have their 9th consecutive lien on the title.

Triple-crown football (soccer) winners of the Manning, DaCosta, and Oliver Shield, Jamaica College (JC) was in fine form on the final day, chasing down Kingston College (KC) to win Champs for the first time since 2000.

Congratulations to Holmwood Tech girls and Jamaica College for the great feat.

KC Old Boy Sentiments

I’ll get a bit personal in this one. I was not 99% confident KC would win as @immaculategirl alluded to. I was in fact 100% confident that my school, the College (KC) would not be defeated. However, like Wolmers last year, JC had too many good runners in too many events, and were leading KC by 26 with 3 scores remaining. For KC to come to within 11 at the end was a miracle in itself. This is proof that: “Fortis Cadere

The Pollsters

According to the Yowlink Poll Yowlink Poll,  for Boys and Girls Championships  respectively,

  • Kingston College (KC) would win – (36%)
  • Jamaica College (JC)  would win – (20%)
  • Edwin Allen High School would win – (41%)
  • Holmwood Technical would win – (36%)

So as you can see, even the polls got it wrong but those were the overwhelming favorites.  To be fair, however, KC usually gets the majority of the votes anyway because as you see, KC gets the support of a large percentage of corporate area girls also.

Ato Boldon’s

A neutral Ato Boldon picked Jamaica College and Holmwood Tech to pull it out with about 10 events to score.  He also noted that KC is hated like the Yankees and Lakers because they win so often. KC wins more often than the Lakers and Yankees and wins so many things so many times.  If you recall the recently concluded TVJ Schools Challenge Quiz (SCQ), prior to the match, random people were asked who would win and some said they would like another school to win since KC wins all the time.  That is how it is.   But, as proud Kingston College Old Boy, I will say this is what Bishop Gibson envisioned when he founded Kingston College in 1925: to be the model school, produce well-rounded (Education & Sports), well-behaved and God-fearing young men.

Ato Boldon also said worldwide people will understand why Jamaica produces the fine athletes they do and recognize that this event represents the greatest high school championships in the world.  He further said that other Caribbean countries will emulate and continue to improve as well.

The Official Points Standing

Holmwood Tech and Jamaica College celebrates winning Champs 2011Boys
Jamaica College – 280
Kingston College – 269
Calabar High – 236
Wolmer’s Boys – 139
Munro College  – 133

Holmwood Technical – 326
Edwin Allen High – 320
St. Jago High – 211.5
Vere Technical  – 186
Wolmer’s Girls – 122

Again congrats to Jamaica College and Holmwood Tech.  True Champions and a great display in the 2011 Championships. Remember my friends, when they compete at the next level, we are cheering on so-and-so from JAMAICA, not some school.


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