Your network remains successful only if…

Yowlink - net place to be onlineThank you for being members of Yowlink, the “One Caribbean” social and information network.  With all the tension between Barbados and Jamaica right now, for example, we need Yowlink.

However, Yowlink will remain successful ONLY if you continue to tell your friends to join.  You can also use the Invite Friends option to the right of the page to invite them.  That’s how social networks work.  Every member should tell their real friends and relatives, 6th form colleagues, college / university batch mates, and coworkers to join Yowlink.  Of course, you need to be on to tell them that.  As we’ve said, you cannot invite someone to an event and not show up.  They will not return.

Bitter Reality Check

After the Jamaican Boys and Girls Athlethic Championships last night, a senior member of our  support staff was conversing with a young lady of Caribbean descent on the live feed forum who, surprisingly to him, hadn’t heard about Yowlink.  In fact a few people in that forum said they did not know who or what Yowlink was.  I myself saw that a few days before.  One guy said, “Who is Yowlink? Are you trying to spread viruses?”  Yowlink will continue to go viral but that does not mean “spreading viruses”.  It means, you tell people to join Yowlink, who in turn tell others,  and so on…  Thanks to the young lady and others for giving us a bitter reality check.

What does that mean?

Like Facebook and Twitter networks, which are known by every computer literate person 13+ in the world, we expect Yowlink to be known by every computer-literate (and some non-computer literate) person 16+ with ties to the Caribbean.  The reality is that a large number of people still have not heard about Yowlink.

Our Community is not doing enough to “spread the word

We, the admins, staff, relatives, members, and visitors are not doing enough to spread the word.  If we expect to have anywhere close to 200,000 members by December 31, 2011, we need people to tell people about Yowlink.  Do not keep Yowlink a secret.  Many people write to us or mention in the chat what a great thing it is to have their own FREE network, Yowlink.  However, few admit that they tell their friends about  the network and the experience.

What Works and What Doesn’t

Going for 200,000 members on YowlinkYowlink is sponsored independently and will remain FREE to you.  We advertise Yowlink on multiple media and Yowlink is indexed, and optimized for all major search engines including Google, Live, and Yahoo. But that’s not enough.    In addition, Yowlink has been introduced to some businesses in Jamaica.  That’s not enough.  As I said, we don’t want to keep Yowlink to ourselves.  This network is for EVERYONE with ties to the Caribbean, whether living in the Caribbean or abroad.

What does work

Every time you visit, you need to log into the site, not necessarily the chat.  Remember that only close to 90% of the features are only available to logged in users.

You tell 5 friends to become members and you make sure they are on when you are on

Each of your 5 friends tell 5 friends to become members

When the 25 friends’ friends tell 5 friends each, and so on…, quickly we get to 200,000 active members.

That works.






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