ISSA Boys & Girls Champs 2012

ISSA Boys and Girls Championships 2012

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Ardenne, Campion College, Edwin Allen, Immaculate Conception (ICHS), Kingston College, and others already represent here along with thousands of members from Jamaica and other countries.
Hey Jamaicans around the world, people from Caribbean neighbors, and definitely North Americans, the annual Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) Boys and Girls Athletic Championships (“Champs”) is scheduled for Mar 28 to 31, 2012 at Jamaica National Stadium.

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The Jamaican Sprint Factory Showcase

Champs gives a preview to the world of why Jamaica is called the “Sprint Factory”.  Once upon a time, many people only saw Jamaica representing at the World Championships of Track & Field or the Olympic Games.  The US-based schools and colleges, however, have known for quite some time and have even seen the talent first-hand at meets like the Penn Relays, or US inter-collegiate championships.

Keen Watchers

The keenest international watchers each year remain the American colleges. The American colleges, scouts, and representatives are expected to number a quarter of the grand stands.  They know if they luck out they can get a pick of talent that is unprecedented for such a small nation. Jamaica produces the fastest young women and men per 100 of any country in the world.

The US-based colleges and universities are watching but also looking through a microscope are the US track officials, and agents. They want to know what is the reason for this level of success at all levels by Jamaicans. For instance, at the Penn Relays each year, the Jamaican schools DOMINATE both the large and small high-school relays.

More Background on Champs

If you want more background information on Champs, head over to or the Wikipedia page at .

Live Feed

People like me who live out side the island and don’t have the chance to attend the 4-day event must follow it online. Sports Max will bring the Champs to people around the globe via live Internet stream, on  The same feed can be viewed at or

Ato Boldon and Lance Whittaker will be the studio analysts/commentators.  Last year Ato did a great job and even got into the chatroom to talk to fans, smiling even when criticized by a few fans.

Last Year’s Results – 2011

In the 101sh running of the Boys’ Champs, Jamaica College pulled out the win ahead of Kingston College and Calabar. On the Girls’ side, it was Holmwood Tech ahead of Edwin Allen and St. Jago, same as it was in 2010.  (click here to see 2011 results).

Boys Championships Girls Championships
Jamaica College – 280
Kingston College – 269
Calabar High – 236
Wolmer’s Boys – 139
Munro College  – 133
Holmwood Technical – 326
Edwin Allen High – 320
St. Jago High – 211.5
Vere Technical  – 186
Wolmer’s Girls – 122

In any case, will your favorite team win this year? Will my favorite team win? Let time tell. Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page to say your piece.  Also vote in the poll above.







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