Reggae Boyz crash out of 2012 Caribbean Cup

The Reggae Boyz, defending champions of the Caribbean Cup (Soccer) and in the running for one of 3 World Cup Finals spots from the CONCACAF, has crashed out of this year’s competition.

This would seem simple, except that Jamaica now does not get into the largest regional competition, other than World Cup qualifications, which is the CONCACAF Gold Cup.  The 4 semi-finalists automatically get to play in the Caribbean Cup.  Jamaica finished last in their group with a single point… yes ONE POINT.  The Boyz lost the first match 1-2 to French Guiana, drew 0-0 with Martinique, and then lost 0-1 to Cuba.

What does this mean?

Forget about embarrassment.  That’s the least of Jamaica’s worries now.  I can give you in order what I think the top 5 concerns are now:

  1. Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) is cash-strapped and missing the CONCACAF Gold Cup makes things much worse financially
  2. If the Boyz do qualify for World Cup 2014, the Gold Cup would’ve been a great warm up for the Boyz who will otherwise have a tough time scheduling quality matches (or matches in general) to tune up for World Cup.
  3. The first team Jamaica faces in the Final CONCACAF World Cup in February is the dangerous Mexico away (dangerous high-altitude).  Mexico might not show any respect for Jamaica in that match. I
  4. Financial support that the JFF is hoping for might not come now.
  5. Fan support might not be as great.  Jamaican supporters are sometimes (not often) fair-weather fans.
  6. The Boyz FIFA Ranking is bound to plummet.
  7. The embarrassment

Let us cheer on the Boyz as they are the only Caribbean team left in the final qualifying CONCACAF round for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  As disappointed as we might be, and justifiably so, the Boyz can offer some redemption by qualifying… with 4 Central American, 1 North American (USA) teams joining them in the final round.

What do you think?



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