#Champs2013 goes to Calabar and Holmwood Tech

Calabar shrugged off 2011 Winners Jamaica College and 30-time winners Kingston College (KC) to pull away from a close start to win the ISSA 2013 Boys Championships at the National Stadium yesterday.  In the ISSA Girls Championships, it was Holmwood Technical coming from 48 points down on the final day to defeat their main rivals Edwin-Allen who dethroned them last year.

In a Champs where we saw 30 records broken (19 by boys and 11 by girls), it was electric and viewed by many as the best Boys and Girls Championships of all time, whatever the reason was for so many records.  Some think it’s because Champs was moved forward 2 weeks, others think it’s new commitment, and a few wondered about the timing mechanism.  There’s one issue with the latter, which is that a few field events were broken also, not just the many track (time-based) records.

There were a bit of controversy before the Champs because of 2 outstanding athletes barred from competing because of not meeting the minimum academic standards but, otherwise, things went well.  In terms of the feeds for overseas people, they were confusing and worked well most of Saturday. However, the servers died at the start of the relays.  Better planning need to be put into this, not last-minute as it appeared this year.

Congratulations to Calabar High School (CBar or Rabalac).  Also congratulations to Holmwood Technical.

Boys Championships 2013 – Results
Calabar High School – 299
Jamaica College – 258.5
Kingston College – 247.5
Wolmers’ Boys School – 121
St. Jago – 107
Girls Championships 2013 – Results
Holmwood Technica – 310.5
Edwin Allen Highl – 305.5
St Jago – 208
Vere Technical – 202
Hydel – 157.5

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