What will the Reggae Boyz do against Costa Rica?

FIFA’s #54 (Jamaica) faces #53 (Costa Rica) in an early but huge bottom-of-the table match-up of  #5 and #6 respectively.  Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz are on 2 points from their 2 drawn matches while Costa Rica is on 1 point from their 2 matches, with the 2nd ending in controversy after the poor snow-logged field that they had to play the United States on.  They lost that match and have logged a complaint requesting the match be replayed.

The Reggae Boyz will have their work cut out for them from an angry, desperate Costa Rican team who are playing at home.  Jamaica will have to rebound from their poor showing at “The Office” at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica last Friday.  Jamaica, in order to rebound, MUST play their game and not get the game dictated to them.  Also, if I may repeat  what I suggested after Friday’s drawn match and relatively poor performance by the Jamaicans:

  1. Reggae Boyz and fans, don’t blame the officials (referee especially), though his officiating was bad at best and definitely helped the physical style of play that Panama brought into the National Stadium. The coaches and players are to be blamed but we SHOULD support them and remember that it’s early yet.
  2. Captain Burrell and JFF, you should put the 2 schoolboys on the under-23 & under-20 teams, replace them with 2 more locals and work them out after March 26.
  3. Captain Burrell and JFF, when you have an international match scheduled, bring in the international players 2 weeks in advance if at all possible and work them out together.
  4. Coach Whitmore, put the best complementary players on the field, despite what the fans say. Remember a World Cup spot is on the line and so is your job.
  5. Fans, the next match at “the Office” in June, regardless of the position Jamaica is in, a little less vuvuzela and a bit more cheering for your home side which will be better then. Rome was not built in a day.



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  1. YOWLink Unnamed Avatar
    YOWLink Unnamed

    It may go extremely good for Costa Rica with all you mentioned OR extremely bad. If Jamaica does play their game as we all saw down in Mexico, they should be able to beat anyone at home. However, on the road, a draw is still a good accomplishment. June is when the movements begin. I will take a draw or low-scoring win in Costa Rica and try to move to 4th or 3rd in time for June. That way, Jamaica can make our move and finish in one of the top 3 spots as many of us expect. I don’t want the fourth spot because it’s no guarantee we beat New Zealand and we would get a poor seed in the World Cup. But that’s a long long way… First things first. Jamaica needs to “play their game” as you put it and it should end well (win or draw) despite what’s going on for Costa Rica.

    1. Yowlink Support Avatar

      The answer: Extremely good for Costa Rica with the 2-0 win over a more talent-laden Reggae Boyz team. People on FB and Twitter had a few choice words for the Reggae Boyz but only time will tell what happens now that they’re facing some adversity after 3 games and 2 points.

  2. YOWLink Unnamed Avatar
    YOWLink Unnamed

    So, the #ReggaeBoyz lost to Costa Rica 0-2 after a poor showing yet again. They have 3 months to clean this up, having some of the best players in the tournament. Costa Rica now jumps up among the leaders leaving Jamaica far far behind. As I said, June is when it counts. Three games. If you don’t come out with 4-7 points from those 3 games, you might be on the outside looking in, barring a France 1998-like (actually in 1997 qualifiers) burst to qualify at the end.

  3. YOWLink Unnamed Avatar
    YOWLink Unnamed

    June is do-or-die time for the #ReggaeBoyz. June 4th and June 7th welcomes MEX and USA to The Office. Then Boyz travel to Honduras for match on June 11. 5-7 points would be great from 3 June matches giving 7-9 after 6 matches. A total of 7+ points would put the Boyz in 2-4th place at the end of June.

    After that it would be just finishing up in style, gaining 6 minimum from remaining 4 matches (4+ points from 2 home games in September & October and 2+ from 2 away games). I expect that 13/14 points will see the Boyz through in no worst than 3rd place while 15+ may see them at worst 2nd place.

    Fourth place is a possibility only if the Boyz have a mediocre June while a bad June will see the Boyz having to win 3 of 4 last matches. So, June will be PIVOTAL and so the Boyz need to have a VERY strong June.

    1. C. Sharpe Avatar

      I couldn’t agree more, Mr Admin. June should be considered a make-it-or-break-it period for Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz. While they can still qualify after a sub-par June (e.g. 2 points or below), 4-7 points from 3 games in June will put them back in contention. Considering that they (1) had 2 points from 3 matches to start, (2) are only 3 points back from leaders Panama, (3) play 2 of the 3 matches at The Office in June, we only can expect big improvements in play and more than 2 points.

      Remember, only top 3 teams automatically qualify for the 32-team World Cup Finals in Brazil 2014. However, the fourth plays New Zealand and the winner goes to Brazil.

    2. Peta-Gaye French Avatar

      Although our team lost, let’s rally behind the only Caribbean team still with good hope to make it to the World Cup. Rally round the Black Green and Gold/Yellow nuh man.

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