Under 17 Reggae Boys eliminated by Canada

Jamaica’s under 17 soccer team was eliminated by Canada 4-2, after leading 2-0.  This means the young Reggae Boyz have been eliminated whilst Canada moves on to the Under 17 World Cup.

Congrats to Canada and their team and I hope they represent CONCACAF well.

My suggestions for future Under-17 and Under 20 Caribbean teams are:

Pick a team of best position players who are unselfish.

Pick a coach from a list of the most unselfish under-17/ Under-20 school team.

Have your team play warm-up matches against the country’s best schoolboy teams (4 best).

Have your team play warm-up matches against regional best, making each other better.

Remember that a well-organized, seasoned, team beats a team of just talented players perhaps 9 times out of 10.

Let’s get the region moving forward in soccer instead of playing mediocre ball year over year starting at the Under-17 level.  These may be the players to represent you at the senior CONCACAF tournaments and, hopefully, the World Cup.



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