Senseless attack at Boston Marathon

It’s with heavy heart that I, on behalf of Yowlink, report that 2 people died & over 100 were injured at the senseless and cowardly blast at the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts, USA. I pray that the families of the slain be comforted, that the injured will fully recover, and that the perpetrator(s) be caught and face the consequences.

The blast happened at the finish line and was on camera because of the large event the Boston Marathon is.

Remember, one has the freedom to do good things or bad things like this but everything has consequences.  In the words of Buju Banton, ironically, “There was good and evil. We chose Good“.  That was taken from his song Destiny.

God, I ask that you remember us in the United States of America, though we have wandered far away from home… far away from you.

Please comment people of Caribbean descent who live in or outside the United States.




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