Miami Heat makes it 2 in a row

Miami Heat defeated San Antonio 95 – 88 in game 7 to win their 2nd consecutive (3rd overall) NBA Championship.  Shane Battier who was benched for most of the series and brought into game 6, came off the bench in game 7 to hit 6 of 8 three pointers (18 points). Dwyane “THREE” Wade scored an important 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds while the masterful Lebron “LBJ” James scored 37 and had 11 rebounds.  It was more of a scoring game for both sides as Miami Heat only had 14 assists to San Antonio’s 13.  Tony Parker, guarded by Lebron most of the time only managed 10 points and 4 assists in 36.5 mins. Duncan had 24 in the loss.

The teams were clearly civil. There was no animosity between the teams or among the players.  The only backlash may come from the fact that Daniel Green was sighted “partying” at the same club where the Heat was.  Green, who played with Lebron in Cleveland, denied that he went there to party with the Heat, claiming on Twitter that it was purely coincidental.

Despite all the adversity, negative press, and the Heat Haters galore, the Miami Heat prevailed.  Congratulations Miami.







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