West Indies fail miserably under Bravo’s captaincy

West Indies followed up the early exit from the Champions Cup with failing to qualify for the finals of their tri-nations ODI series vs India and Sri Lanka, then losing 3-1-1 vs Pakistan in 5 ODIs.

Points to Notice

  1. Batting has been sub-par at best.
  2. Gayle has been a shell of himself in that time.
  3. Samuels did OK but at times was inconsistent and gave too much ammunition to the opposition  (e.g. his latest comment that he’s figured out the Pakistani Bowling attack).
  4. Devon Smith has been an utter and total disappointment, scoring virtually nothing in the matches he played.  It can be safely inferred that Devon Smith is a great regional player… that’s it.  In other words, he should now become the exception to the rule that you select the best regional players.
  5. Pollard was up-and-down, mostly down.
  6. Johnson Charles has been fairly consistent an opener.
  7. The bowlers performed above average but not great.
  8. D.J. Bravo’s bowling let them down miserably against Pakistan, probably the reason they lost 2 of the 5 ODIs against Pakistan including the 5th that they lost by 4 wickets with 1 ball to bowl.
  9. We’ve said this before, but something is wrong.

Let’s hope for some great improvements in the regional side in upcoming matches. Dwayne J. Bravo, captain, will have to make some improvements and give some good Pat Riley-esque motivation to himself and his team for the next series.  This is not good cricket that they are playing right now.







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  1. Alain Sewell Avatar

    At this point, whomever is the captain produces the same mediocre of failed results but go about it differently.

    One guy had this to say and it must be the most profound thing i’ve seen:

    rssampat: “Sammy as a Captain under bowls himself despite bowling well and Bravo over bowls himself as a Captain despite bowling horribly.”

    A couple of the ODI losses were mostly Bravo’s fault for overbowling while T-20 loss was Sammy’s fault for underbowling and giving the most expensive bowler the 19th over, with 15 runs up.

    The selected players need guidance from management.

    1. YOWLink Unnamed Avatar
      YOWLink Unnamed

      I agree with your comments @asewell. West Indies are not playing well right now, with Gayle’s mega-slump, the inconsistent play of Pollard, sticking with Dwayne Smith, and the last-minute poor decisions of both captains (D.J. Bravo & D. Sammy) all being contributing factors.

      Mr @csharpe, would you agree?

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