Merry Christmas Yowlinkers; All the Best for 2014

A trying year it has been but, on behalf of Yowlink, here’s wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best for 2014.

May the new year catch you in good health, a good mood, a new suit, and a new boot.  But, also, we wish for better and more consistent participation by the Caribbean community on Yowlink.  This is your free Caribbean network with your best wishes in mind.

Making a Difference

Yowlink, is the free social and information network that makes a difference with information from the Caribbean and the world, pointers, discussions, etc.  In addition, people can create links, groups, forums, topics, etc., marketing their goods and services, and touting their interests FREELY and WITHOUT CHARGE.  Reach 75,000+ unique members, and 1 million others who visit but don’t sign up.

That said, Yowlink does not promote any form of “slackness” and will ban members and remove their groups, etc., if they violate the terms of Yowlink.

Major Features

  1. Many ways to log in – You may log in with a Twitter, Facebook account by clicking the respective button on the front page OR you may create a Yowlink-specific account and log in that way.
  2. Friends – search for and add your friends on Yowlink, make new friends, correspond, follow/unfollow interesting individuals
  3. Private Messages (PM) – Create and respond to PMs.
  4. Chat – Yowlink has a chat that connects to your Facebook friends so you may chat with them from within the Yowlink environment.
  5. Groups – Create or join public/private groups and make a difference.
  6. Forums – Create or join different forums/topics
  7. Links – Create your links to your products, services, or sites.
  8. Site discussions/Blog – Read, discuss and comment on different articles on current events, religion, culture, the Caribbean, the USA, and social issues.

Who should join Yowlink?

If you are 18+, sign in once a week to keep things moving in a positive direction.  Don’t forget to complete the required elements in your profile.

This is not an exclusive site but we deal with topics in the news, particularly in the Caribbean and we feel that children under 16 are not mature enough to be members of Yowlink or mingle with the more adult crowd and the many distractions.  But when you get to 16-17, ask your parent(s) / guardian(s) for permission before signing up on Yowlink.

Typically if you are at any of the following institutions, you should be 18+ and you should join Yowlink and help make the Caribbean better with discussions ideas, while getting answers on topics, sharing ideas about good books, subject matters, college/university, jobs, job outlook, etc.

Antigua & Barbuda

  •     American University of Antigua [1]
  •     University of Health Sciences Antigua [2]


  •     Barbados Community College
  •     University of the West Indies
  •     Erdiston Teachers’ College
  •     Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic


  •     Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College
  •     Corozal Junior College [1]
  •     Galen University: programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level in business, arts and sciences, and education. [2]
  •     Muffles Junior College [3]
  •     Sacred Heart Junior College [4]
  •     St. John’s College, Belize: programs at junior college level in business, arts, social, sciences, and education. [5]
  •     Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College
  •     University of Belize: programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional level in business, arts and sciences, and education. [6]
  •     Wesley Junior College: programs at the junior college level in business, science. [7]
  •     Independence Junior College
  •     Belize Adventist Junior College

Cayman Islands

  •     Cayman Islands Law School: A law school affiliated with the University of Liverpool in the U.K.
  •     International College of the Cayman Islands: A private university.
  •     St. Matthews University: A private institution containing a medical school and a veterinary school.
  •     University College of the Cayman Islands: The only public university in the Cayman Islands.


  •     American International School of Medicine (AISM)
  •     University of Guyana
  •     Texila American University, Georgetown
  •     Institute of Distance and Continuing Education
  •     American University of Peace Studies
  •     Rajiv Gandhi University Of Science and Technology
  •     Cyril Potter College of Education
  •     Guyana School of Agriculture
  •     The Business School Guyana


  •     Academie Nationale Diplomatique et Consulaire {ANDC}
  •     Paodes Universite
  •     Agence universitaire de la Francophonie [1]
  •     American University of the Caribbean (Haiti) [2] [3]
  •     Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Internationales
  •     Centre Universitaire Polytechnique d’Haiti (CUPH)
  •     Christian University of North Haiti, The
  •     CREFIMA Université [4]
  •     Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie
  •     Ecole Superieure Catholique de Droit de Jeremie
  •     Ecole Supérieure D’Infotronique d’Haiti (ESIH)
  •     Hartford University (HU)
  •     Institut Polytechnique de Leogane
  •     Institut Universitaire des Sciences de l`Education (CREFI) [5]
  •     Millennium International University of the Americas [6]
  •     Université de L’Académie Haitienne (UAH)
  •     Université Adventiste d’Haïti
  •     Université Épiscopale d’Haïti
  •     Université d’Etat d’Haiti (UEH)
  •     Université Joseph Lafortune (JLF) ([7])
  •     Université Américaine des Sciences Modernes d’Haiti UNASMOH
  •     Université de Fondwa 2004 [8]
  •     Université de la Fondation Dr Aristide (UNIFA) [9]
  •     Université GOC [10]
  •     Université Quisqueya (UNIQ) [11]
  •     Université de David Pierre de PENDUS (UDPD)
  •     Université Roi Christophe
  •     University Lumiere/MEBSH
  •     Université Notre Dame d’Haiti
  •     University of Caraibe
  •     Académie des Sciences Pures et Appliquées (ASPA)
  •     Universite d’Haiti
  •     Université la Pleiade d’Haiti (UPLEH)
  •     Institut Universitaire Quisqueya-Amerique (INUQUA)


  •     University of the West Indies (UWI – a regional institution)
  •     University of Technology (U-Tech – formerly C.A.S.T.)
  •     Mico University College
  •     Northern Caribbean University (NCU)
  •     University College of The Caribbean (UCC)
  •     International University of the Caribbean (IUC)
  •     Caribbean Institute of Technology (CIT)
  •     Colbourne College
  •     B&B University College
  •     Caribbean Aerospace College
  •     Western Hospitality Institute
  •     Caribbean Aviation Training Center
  •     Caribbean Maritime Institute(CMI)
  •     Royale College
  •     All American Institute of Medical Sciences
  •     Khanan University
  •     Bethlehem Moravian College
  •     Catholic College of Mandeville
  •     Church Teachers’ College
  •     Moneague College
  •     Sam Sharpe Teachers College
  •     Shortwood Teacher College
  •     Saint Joseph’s Teachers’ College
  •     Montego Bay Community’ College
  •     [{College of Agriculture , Science and Education (CASE)
  •     Knox Community College
  •     Saint John’s College (Nursing)
  •     Moneague Community College (St. Ann)
  •     Portmore Community College
  •     Montego Bay Community College (MBCC)
  •     Brown’s Town Community College
  •     Excelsior Community College (Exced)


  •     Durham College of Commerce (Kingston, Jamaica)
  •     Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts
  •     College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE)
  •     G. C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports
  •     United Theological College of the West Indies
  •     Midland Bible Institute
  •     Bethel Bible College
  •     Caribbean Graduate School of Theology
  •     Caribbean Wesleyan College
  •     Catholic College of Mandeville
  •     College of Insurance and Professional Studies
  •     Crowne Professional College
  •     Jamaica Bible College
  •     Jamaica Theological Seminary
  •     Management Institute for National Development
  •     Mel Nathan College
  •     Vector Technology Institute
  •     Vocational Training Development Institute
  •     Pre-University School ( Pre-UWI)
  •     Caribbean Institute of Business
  •     The HEART/NTA’s institutions

Trinidad and Tobago

  •     College of Science, Technology & Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT)
  •     University of the West Indies (UWI   St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)
  •     University of the Southern Caribbean (previously known as Caribbean Union College)
  •     University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
  •     University of the West Indies
  •     Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd. (PIMBS)
  •     Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
  •     Roytec
  •     School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS)
  •     SAM Caribbean Limited (SAM)
  •     School of International Travel and Languages (SITAL)
  •     BorderCom International (BCI)
  •     College of Professional Studies (COPS)
  •     The University of the Southern Caribbean (USC)
  •     Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
  •     Professional Institute of Marketing and Business Studies Ltd.(PIMBS)
  •     School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS)
  •     School of International Travel and Languages (SITAL)
  •     BorderCom International (BCI)
  •     College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad & Tobago (COSTAATT)

All the tertiary institutions around the Caribbean not listed, we include you.  For people with ties to the Caribbean living in the United States of America, UK, Canada and other countries who are attending graduated from other colleges, we also include you and want to see you on Yowlink for 2014 and beyond.

Sixth-Formers (12a & b) students throughout the Caribbean, age 18+, we include  you.  Students who are 16-17, get your parent(s) or guardian(s) permission prior to signing up on Yowlink.  We know the youth have a lot to contribute.

We need all of you on Yowlink to make it continue to move forward as the network for ANYONE with ties to the Caribbean (whether you were born there, live there, emigrated from there,

Again, if we missed your school/ college / university, we apologize. Just sign in and represent for your school  Post a message bigging up your school with the message “I represent ______ school and I am now representing on Yowlink.”.







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    YOWLink Unnamed

    Hi everyone and thanks for the article @immaculategirl Peta-Gaye. Big ups to you young lady, to you Mr. @csharpe, the Yowlink support staff, well-wishers, members, and visitors. I represent no particular school, am the main administrator on Yowlink, and I have been representing on Yowlink since January 01, 2009 inception.

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