Happy Valentine’s Day


On behalf of Yowlink, it’s administrators and staff, I hereby wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day to all the moms, guardians, and lovers out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

  1. I do hope all of your days are great ones, not just Valentine’s Day.
  2. Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday but, if we celebrate, we can and should use it to effect our relationship with loved ones.
  3. Never go to bed upset with your loved ones.
  4. How many times should you forgive each other? 7 times? No!  According to Yeshua (Jesus), you should forgive each other 70 x 7 which, in context, meant indefinitely.
  5. For those orphans out there over 21 years old, we hope today and the future brings you happiness in your lives.






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