Calabar, Edwin Allen Dominant at Champs 2014

Calabar has now three-peated, winning Boys Champs 2012, 2013, and now 2014 ahead of 30-time winners Kingston College (KC) and Jamaica College (JC) at the National Stadium tonight.  In the ISSA Girls Championships, it was Edwin-Allen dethroning 10-time champs Holmwood Technical and winning ahead of St Jago and the always improving Hydel.

Going into today’s final day, Edwin Allen was not in any real trouble, and then did well-enough to ensure that the trailers stood no chance.  On the boys’ side, however, JC had a narrow lead over Calabar but Calabar had representatives in almost all the finals. JC and KC didn’t have matching representation. The dominant Calabar capitalized on this and stretched the lead after every event, especially Class III events.

Like Champs 2013, many records were broken again in this year’s Boys and Girls Championships. This included records like Usain Bolt’s 400M record, which was lowered to 45 seconds flat. Again, it was electric and viewed by many around the world, including an estimated 30,000+ at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, on today’s final day.

Congratulations to Calabar (CBar or Rabalac) and Edwin Allen High Schools.

Boys Championships 2014 – Results
Calabar High School – 305 (299 last year)
Kingston College – 208.5 (247.5 last year)
Jamaica College – 190 (258.5 last year)
St. Jago – 158.5 (107 last year)
St. Elizabeth Tech – 123
Girls Championships 2012 – Results
Edwin Allen High – 337.5 (305.5 last year)
St Jago – 263 (208 last year)
Hydel – 229 (157.5 last year)
Holmwood Technica – 211.5 (310.5 last year)
Vere Technical – 141 (202 last year)

After Champs 2014, we can predict that, if one in 10 of today’s stars pan out two to eight (2-8) years from now, Jamaica’s track-and-field future looks good.

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