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West Indies players, not board at fault this time…

The recent decision to abandon the Indian tour by the West Indies is almost entirely on the players, with a little blame on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and West Indies Players Association (WIPA), primarily Wavell Hinds.

West Indies cricket had hopes of making a “comeback” only to be hit with this terrible setback.  Most cricket fans from the West Indies and the world are left scratching their heads at the decision.

Going to India, the players knew about the “unfavorable contract” signed on their behalf by Wavell Hinds, head of WIPA, but decided to go with the hopes, according to ODI capatain Dwayne Bravo, of negotiating directly with the WICB.  Once the WICB flatly refused, Bravo and company decided to pull out of the tour after the 4th ODI .

What were they thinking?

What were the West Indian players thinking?  Nobody knows.  The tour was supposed to be 5 ODIs, 1 T20, and 3 test matches against cricket powerhouse India. The Indian board, BCCI, is the richest board and one of the 3 most influential.  India responded as expected, dropping any future bi-lateral tours with the West Indies, and promptly decided to sue the WICB for over $600 thousand US dollars, a sum the WICB definitely doesn’t have.

I, as a cricket fan, and a West Indian, am left speechless.  What are your thoughts?







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