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What did Apple CEO Tim Cook mean in his essay?

Some of you may’ve heard a one-liner from places around the Internet, or from your friend, or television, etc., where Apple C.E.O., Tim Cook, says “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.

What was going through his mind when he made that statement? A few people have asked me. I don’t know but I know that the fact that he said it in an “essay” to Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek without retraction means he’s certainly not worried about repercussion.

The reaction: Practicing Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus

The handful of practicing Christians (Catholic & non-Catholic), Muslims, Jews, and Hindus who commented were, not surprisingly, upset that he says his homosexuality is a gift from God and didn’t tackle the fact that he’s gay.

The reaction: Non-practicing Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus

Non-practicing Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus actually reacted indifferently toward the comment.

The reaction: Atheists and so-called agnostics

Most atheists had no reaction but a few had a field day with it. They weren’t necessarily in agreement or disagreement. They just loved the fact that he used the word God as a slap to the face of persons who believe in God who reject the practice of homosexuality.

My Reaction

I have very little reaction. The statement will not make me boycott Apple products or support any boycott of Apple or Tim Cook. If I need to buy an Apple product tomorrow, I’ll certainly buy it.

Remember, the “God” Mr. Cook refers to will judge him if he’s not right at the end of this life. Same thing for all of us. God is our judge, not each other. The statement is contrary to us, believers in God, and that’s that. Just because something is natural to us, doesn’t mean it’s something God gave as a gift. There are people who attracted to only old people, some are attracted to kids, some are attracted to animals, some are attracted to same sex, some are attracted to almost every member of the opposite sex they see, and others are attracted to inanimate objects. Many will tell that these attractions are from a very young age. Whilst natural to them, acting on such attraction has been abhorrent to many and condemned by people who truly believe in God.

Yeshua (Jesus) says the sin (he referred specifically to adultery not any other sin) is putting one’s mind in a place where one thinks of engaging in such acts given the opportunity, not just engaging in such acts. We can reason that repeated thought may lead one to committing the act, if the “conscience” isn’t telling one that it’s wrong, and one is given opportunities. God is not a man that He should lie or the son of man that he should repent.

I say, let’s behave ourselves, keep our yards clean, THEN we can see that other people’s yards are dirty, including Tim Cook’s yard.

What do you think Caribbean people? Please be civil (no hate speech, no obscenities) in your comments.






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