Miami Heat 2014- Deng, McRoberts, Granger, Bosh, Wade

Miami Heat’s 2014-2015 roster

NBA team Miami Heat has it’s 15-man regular season roster for 2014-. They’ve played 2 games, winning both. Check out the roster and comment on what you think, who are good selections, who are OK selections, and who are bad selections.

9 Luol Deng SF
43 Shawne Williams PF
1 Chris Bosh C / PF
30 Norris Cole PG
3 Dwyane Wade SG

32 James Ennis SF / G
4 Josh McRoberts PF
11 Chris Andersen C / PF
13 Shabazz Naipier PG
15 Mario Chalmers SG / PG

22 Danny Granger SF / G
40 Udonis Haslem PF / C
7 Justin Hamilton C
26 Shannon Brown G
24 Andre Dawkins G

I like the roster and am excited to see how well they’ll play. If I were given two changes and such players were available, I feel it would’ve been great to have a big man (7 footer) who can defend and a not-so-big man who is a known, feared, shooter like Ray Allen. Other than those, I think this is a good roster who can win 50-54 games. The team will have to play hard, and not take off parts of games like the past 4 years when they were clearly the best in the East or like Florida State University’s (FSU’s) football team this year.

If the Heat had the 7 foot defender and another shooter, I’d predict 60-64 wins which would put them, on paper, as the best team in the East. Right now, on paper, they’re #2 to #4 in the East… again, on paper. Just a caution, however: Paper doesn’t win games. Each team still has to play well-enough to make the playoffs, let alone top the Eastern Conference.







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