Jamaica College again… wins one off Olivier Shield

Jamaica College, JC, defeated DaCosta Cup champions Clarendon College, CC, 1-0 to win the first one off Olivier Shield Cup.  Now JC was in the finals of all 4 tournaments and won 3 of the 4, having already won Manning Cup and inaugural Super Cup.  Their only runner-up came in Walker Cup finals where they lost 2-3 to St George’s College (St.G.C.) last week.

Congratulations to JC on their accomplishments.







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  1. Alain Sewell Avatar

    Big ups to JC for quite a commendable feat in schoolboy football. If they had won all 4, man, I wouldn’t hear the end of it but it’s quite a feat to be in all 4 finals and win 3. I hope to see my school, KC, return to football pinnacle like they do in academics, track & field, schools challenge, and cricket almost every year.

    Academics – needs to rise to the level where we have 100% of our students sitting 5-12 CXC subjects and passing 3+ subjects, 85% passing 5+ subjects, and 75% passing 6+ subjects, all including Maths and English.

    Sorry for hijacking the JC moment with my KC injection.

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