Reggae Boyz shocked by Nicaragua, going down 2-3 at “The Office”

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz were shocked yesterday at the National Stadium, [used to be?] dubbed “The Office” because they rarely lost there, going doing 2-3 to Nicaragua.

It marked the 2nd time in history that Jamaica gave up 3 goals in World Cup qualification at the National Stadium, both ending in losses.

What does it mean?

This means, Jamaica will need to win the next game on Tuesday by 2 goals OR win by 1 goal and score 4 or more.  Here are some scenarios:

Jamaica’s Qualification Truth Table
In 1st leg In 2nd leg,if … Giving … Then …
NIC won 3-2 NIC wins by any margin NIC more goals JAM eliminated
NIC won 3-2 NIC draws NIC more goals JAM eliminated
NIC won 3-2 JAM wins 1-0 or 2-1 Tie  (3-3, 4-4), but NIC more goals AWAY (3) JAM eliminated
NIC won 3-2 JAM wins 3-2 Tie (5-5) Extra time, + possible penalty shootout
NIC won 3-2 JAM wins 4-3 or 5-4… Tie (6-6,7-7,…), but JAM more goals AWAY JAM advances
NIC won 3-2 JAM wins by 2 or more goals JAM more total goals JAM advances


Expect a few changes in the starting lineup, and a more-organized Jamaican team to win by at least 2 goals in Nicaragua Tuesday night and qualify. If JAM draws, loses, or wins 1-0 or 2-1, and is eliminated, there are too many negative possibilities for the Boyz, their coach / Technical Director, and Captain Burrell. But, I don’t expect that so I am not even thinking of those possibilities.

What are your thoughts?






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