Jamaicans, you may breathe again after 2-0 win over Nicaragua

Jamaicans breathed a collective sigh of relief as they watched Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz, who lost the first leg 2-3 at home vs Nicaragua, somehow muster a 2-0 win from a brilliant strike by late substitute Dawkins in the 89th minute.  That desperation goal by Dawkins:

  1. Gave Jamaica a 2-0 win, when they were outplayed in 3/4 of the match, and 4-3 aggregate
  2. Saved Jamaica from embarrassment
  3. Saved Winfried Shaeffer’s job
  4. Kept hope alive
  5. Eliminated Nicaragua and allowed Jamaica to advance
  6. Advances Jamaica into a tough group play with Costa Rica, Haiti, and Panama.
  7. Demonstrates that Jamaica has a long way to go, because they should easily beat teams like Nicaragua.
  8. Demonstrates Jamaica should not underestimate ANY opponent like they did Nicaragua at “The Office”
  9. Allowed many Jamaican soccer fans to, like Toni Braxton, “breathe again“.

People often say “sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good“. I prefer the saying that “good teams manufacture their luck“.  Either way, those teams, in order to go far, sometimes have one or two games like this 2nd leg where they shouldn’t have won, had NO business winning, but somehow won… Check out the 2012-2013 NBA finals where the Miami Heat were down 2-3 to San Antonio Spurs, and on the verge of losing game 6.  The Heat somehow pulled it out, and went on to win the series 4-3.  I am not saying the Jamaican team is as great in soccer as either of those two NBA basketball teams were in basketball, but I’m saying, sometimes, a win like this can turn things around for a team.

I have nothing more to say, other than I was nervous for the entire 2nd half.  What do you guys think?






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