Dwyane Wade leavs Miami for Chicago

No more Wade-County as star leaves Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade leavs Miami for ChicagoThree time champion and one of the best 2 guards (shooting guard) to ever play the game, Dwyane Wade, has left the Miami Heat and signed with the Chicago Bulls for 2 years 47 million dollars. Wade is from Chicago and will have to see more of his ex-wife with whom he had a bitter divorce/split a few years ago.

The Heat made 27 year old center, Hassan Whiteside, a priority, signed him for 4 years 98 million, then pursued free agent superstar, Kevin Durant, who decided on Golden State Warriors.  Then Heat turned their attention to Wade, and ultimately made a final offer of 2 years $40 million… but, apparently, Wade wanted $50 for 2 years and neither side would budge.  With the “TV money” increasing the salary cap this year, and teams offering ridiculously large salaries to free agents, it was no surprise that Wade’s ask was also large, which would have made him the highest paid player on the Heat for the first time in his Heat career. But, alas, it wasn’t to be.

A well-respected Pentecostal evangelist, W Wilson, had a very famous line back in the late 70s and early 80s in Jamaica.  He said, “Pride wears the man“.  At the end of the day, it was that pride on both sides of the table that killed the deal.

There are hurt feelings, some remorse after the two sides split but we know there’s deeper issues than just the money which may have begun when Lebron left 2 years ago, then escalated further last year when the Heat and Wade had a very tough, public negotiation.

We wish Wade all the best and he gave Miami 13 great years.  I, for one, see the possibility of him returning to the Heat @37 (after 2 years) to finish his career with the Heat and then get his jersey retired. Of course, his jersey will be retired by the Heat even if he never returns.



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