NE wins Superbowl LI, or is that “the big game LI” 34-28 over Atlanta

Let me preface this by saying that, as a Dolphins fan, I am not jumping up and down.  However, in an incredible showing, the NE Patriots overcame a 25 point deficit to send SuperBowl 51 into overtime where they won the toss, drove down the field, and scored a touchdown.  Game over.  This is the greatest comeback in NFL postseason history.

Many disappointed Atlanta Falcons fans abound, one of whom has already contacted me.  I know many Dolphins fans are not happy either, not because we are fans of Atlanta, but because we didn’t want to see NE win another… and certainly not in this fashion…  For the Atlanta Falcons, this may be worse than Seattle’s loss to NE two years ago.

Congratulations New England Patriots.  Great comeback and great win.

How do you feel, football fans?







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